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Thai Klong Yao Drum


The Klong Yao is a long Thai Style drum made of hardwood. Unlike the Klong Kaak it has only one head. The widest part of the drum is the at the head. The upper section quickly narrows down to the thinner neck and to the open end. Another piece of wood is placed at the end to make a wide rim. The drum is made on the same general principles as those used in making the Thon, although the kong Yao is much different in shape. There are several sizes of this drum, an average on having a drumhead of 21 cm in diameter and a body 75 cm in length. A mixture of cooked rice and ashes is applied to the drumhead to procure the desired tone and pitch. The body is customarily decorated with a piece of cloth and fastened around the upper part of the body. Another circle of cloth hangs down loosely from the edge of the head. A long strip is also tied to the head and then joined to the narrow part of the drum so that it may be slung from the shoulders. The drum is mainly played with the hands, but some skilled players are able to play with their head, fists , elbows , knees and even their heels.

The original model for the Glong Yao came from Burma. Some authorities say that it was adopted and adapted by the Thai at the beginning of the Bangkok period in history. The reason being that at this time the Thai's and Burmese were engaged in their last and most bitter wars. During temporary lulls and in truce periods, some Thai soldiers enjoyed themselves by playing this drum. Which the Burmese called Ozi.

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Klong Yao